With all the home- buying apps and listing websites available at your fingertips, it may seem like having a realtor is not necessary.  So why are people still using realtors? The answer is simple. Buying a home without a realtor can lead to costly mistakes.  

Here are 2 expensive mistakes you can make by choosing to bypass using a realtor to buy a home:

Putting the wrong down payment amount down on the home.

Although putting 20 percent down on your home has been a rule of thumb for most home sales, it is not necessary. Hiring a knowledgeable realtor can help you get a better handle on what you might want to put down on your home if leaving more money in your bank account appeals to you. However, the 20 percent rule is a good thing to consider when trying to avoid a higher mortgage payment or private mortgage insurance. Another great tool to reference when deciding to put a hefty down payment down is MGIC Connects’ “Buy Now vs. Wait” Calculator.

Assuming you have all the same information on a home as a realtor does.

Great realtors have knowledge on the best home inspectors and lenders in your area. Even choosing the wrong company to inspect your home can cost you, and every penny adds up by the time you see the light at the end of the home-buying tunnel. Your realtor should have your best interest at heart, which also means helping you find a lender with the best rates on the market.  While many statistics are available online, having an insider help you find the best deal is always the way to go.

Remember, hiring an agent to work for you as buyer costs you nothing.  Many home buyers believe that using a realtor will only cost them money; instead of helping them save it. This is a misconception that could not be more untrue. The seller actually pays a commission to the listing agent. The buyer simply gets free help in finding their perfect home. 

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